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"Families are the domestic Church where Jesus grows, grows in conjugal love, grows in the lives of the children. And this is why the enemy attacks the family so much: the devil does not want it! And try to destroy it, try that love does not come from. Families are this domestic Church. "

"The Church is a spiritual family, home of those who believe in Jesus and live according to his teachings, and the family, a small domestic Church, a school of love for God and neighbor. "

"The family nucleus of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is for every believer, and especially for families, an authentic Gospel school. Here we admire the fulfillment of the divine plan to make the family a special community of life and love. Here we learn that every Christian family is called to be 'Church domestic ', to make shine the evangelical virtues and become ferment of good in society. The Typical features of the Holy Family are: recollection and prayer, mutual understanding and respect, spirit of sacrifice, work and solidarity.

It is in the united family that the children reach the maturity of their existence, living the significant experience and effective of gratuitous love, of tenderness, of reciprocal respect, of mutual understanding, of forgiveness and of joy »".

"With the authentic gospel school that represents for all believers the family nucleus of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in which we learn that every family nucleus is called to be a domestic Church, the Holy Father emphasized «The typical features of the Holy Family». That is, "recollection and prayer, mutual understanding and respect, spirit of sacrifice, work and solidarity »".

"From the example and testimony of the Holy Family, each family can draw precious indications for style and life choices, and can reach strength and wisdom for the path of each day. The Virgin and Saint Joseph teach to welcome the children as God's gift, to engender them and to educate them cooperating in a wonderful way with the work of the Creator and donating to the world, in each child, a new smile. It is in the united family that the children mature their existence, living the meaningful and effective experience of gratuitous love, of tenderness, of respect reciprocal, mutual understanding, forgiveness and joy ".

"The true joy that is experienced in the family is not something casual and fortuitous. deep harmony between people, which makes us like the beauty of being together, of supporting each other in the life path. But at the base of joy is the presence of God, his welcoming, merciful love and patient towards everyone. If the family's door is not opened to the presence of God and his love, the family loses the harmony, the individualisms prevail, and the joy is extinguished. In contrast, the family that lives the joy of faith communicates it spontaneously, it is salt of the earth and light of the world, it is leaven for the whole society.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and protect all the families of the world, so that serenity may reign in them and the joy, justice and peace that Christ was born has brought as a gift to humanity. "

Pope Francisco

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"Life is something valuable, keep it."
|Mother Teresa of Calcutta |
I remember that before I was born, I was terribly distressed because the world had already condemned me to death, they had already fixed my destiny to eternal exile, but «In my anguish I cried out to Yahweh and he answered me; from the depths of the abyss I cried and you heard me.» | Jonás 2,2 | Salmo 130,1 | From the depths of the abyss, shout to the Lord: ¡Abbá! ¡Abbá! ¡Abbá!

My soul awaits the Lord more than the sentinels the dawn.
I give glory to my God Yahweh before the darkness falls and before my feet stumble in exile, covered with dense darkness. I speak to my mother from the inside of her womb, with love of her only son, waiting to hear my pleading voice "But if you will not hear him, in silence my soul will cry for that pride, my eyes will shed tears, they will pour copious tears, because the flock of Yahweh is captive. " |Jeremias 13,17|

Sir, I felt in the heart of my mother that she does not love me, that I am a hindrance to her life projects, my God forgive her, she does not know what she is doing, she is confused by the filth of the culture of death that has deformed her conscience, she tells me: I do not do anything bad. It's my body!
My own Mother wishes to take away the life that you my God has given me.
"Abba, Father! Everything is possible for you; In my anguish I cry to you, I am covered in darkness, from the bottom of the abyss, I beg you" My Father, if possible, renew this heart, enlighten it with your light that pierces the depths of eternity, make me reflect and give me the opportunity to live, "but not as I want, but as you want." | Mateo, 26,39 | Marcos, 14,36 | Jesus en ti confío, ¡Solo tú señor puedes salvar!

My mother, I want to live, I want to laugh, sing, enjoy life, I want to be happy and also cry; If I know that life is difficult, but I want to fight until the end, until the day that my God, the one who gave me life, calls me to enjoy the eternal kingdom.
I do not have the happiness of knowing my mother, of seeing her face, I have not contemplated the sun, I have not known it, I am like the fetuses that did not see the light, because between vanities I came and in darkness I go; while my name is hidden in the darkness.
I love you my mother, God made me to love and not to hate.
Beloved mine even if you take your life, this one, the least of your children, I will continue to love you mommy, because you are my mother that God gave me, I am flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood.
May God forgive you and have mercy on your soul.

Listen to the voice of God: "My son, do not be afraid or afraid, I go before you, I am with you, I will not leave you nor forsake you," Stand up, shine, because your light comes and the glory of the Lord shines on you Because the darkness covers the earth and a dense darkness, to the nations, but the Lord will shine on you and his glory will appear on you. "| Isaías 60 | I have entrusted you with a woman, she is your mother, I made her intelligent, sensitive, cheerful, beautiful, she laughs and enjoys the wonder of life, she also suffers and cries but above all she can love in great measure. "
They approached Jesus, the teachers of the law, conspired and put him to the test in the midst of all.
They asked this question:
Sir we want to legalize abortion, we have many legal attenuants
• For the case of violation
• Danger of life of the mother who said that the greatest love is to give life for the loved one? that It's silly, we prefer the woman who can give us the children we want when and how we want. also we have the power to genetically manipulate life, we do not even need your approval
• The baby is a hindrance to the professional project of women.
• Congenital malformations in the fetus. We can manipulate embryos at our convenience and those that do not Serve, in the trash.
• Save money on health and food services that we spend on people, improving the economy of the country. Fewer heads of poor children, it's more money for us who have the power. "Less is More"
• We can control the population by manipulating their ideas at our convenience, it's a population weak.
• Euthanasia, murder of the dying and dying
• Assassinate the elderly, the handicapped and the poor and not useful for our interests.
• Marriage between homosexuals, who can adopt children with complete freedom as a real family and to generate children by artificial means; that of "male and female" is a thing of the past We are certain, we know and we are aware that from God comes everything good like love, holiness and life and us without God, we deform the truth into a lie and everything bad comes as hate sin and death
Jesus Christ, Son of God Most High, what do we do?
Jesus was inclined to write on the ground and said "I AM WHO I AM."
When he told them, "I am," they fell back and fell to the ground suddenly confused and remained as dead.!
Yahweh Sabaot stood up and said Do not kill! "Woe to you, hypocrites, who devour and manipulate the poor and the weakest and pretend to do a lot of good to The humanity. That is why they will be judged more severely. "
And bowing again, he wrote on earth.
They did not listen to me when I said to them, "Yahweh created them, Man and Woman." And he blessed them, saying: "Be fruitful, Multiply "I'm sick of your abominations

If you had understood what it means: Mercy I want, not sacrifices, they would not have condemned the innocents.

Snakes! Race of vipers! How are they going to escape the punishment of hell?

Damn them for all eternity. Get away from me!
They, rising up in shame, terrified and afraid before Him, began to tremble and upon hearing the words of Jesus, they were retiring one after the other, beginning with the oldest; and Jesus was left alone with woman, who was still in the middle.
Standing up, Jesus said to her: "Woman, where are you? Has no one condemned you?"
She replied: "Nobody, Lord." Jesus told him: "Neither do I condemn you, go away, and from now on do not sin anymore."
Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will will have the light of life. "

The sinners kept shouting: "ABORTALO, KILL IT, CARRY IT!"
They shouted louder and louder and the tumult increased.
For the third time the Judge said to them: "But what harm have these little ones who believe in me done? These children are the most small of my children. I do not find in them any crime that deserves death;
They insisted on screaming, complaining and the screaming became increasingly violent. "Cut it down, kill it, make it Destroy it! " The whole crowd began to shout to a voice "Out that, we want sin and its mother!"
"Who is it? responsible for this innocent blood. "And all the people answered:" Let his blood fall on us and on our children ".
The King will answer them: Depart from me, cursed ones, go to the eternal fire prepared for the demon and his angels. I assure you that what they did with one of these little ones, they did with me too. " vision: these on the left were followed by a large crowd, they came down like dead to the Abyss, this the covered with darkness, they were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur and disappeared forever, and they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. These are the people have despised Yahweh
I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, says the Lord God, "He who is, who was and what is going to come ", the Almighty.

Catholic Church
"It is the particular mission of the Church and of our episcopal ministry to affirm first of all that abortion procured is death, is the murder of an innocent creature "
We must proclaim the intangibility of the right to live and to live with dignity against abortion, aberrant crime that presents the characteristics of the totalitarian system with respect to the most defenseless of human beings.
"No one can have attitudes of condescension, or in any way passive, in the face of the reality of abortion"
Abortion is an "abominable crime"
«In no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning»
God says: "You shall not kill!"
Abortion and euthanasia is "repugnant human face terrorism" is an "abominable crime" and clinics where abortions are performed are "authentic slaughterhouses of human beings".
Abortion or euthanasia are masked in "expressions that hide the tragic reality of the facts"
Against those who misrepresent the truth Woe to those who call evil good and evil good, those who change darkness in light and light in darkness, from which the sweet and the bitter sweet return! Woe to the nations that call themselves "civilized" and that enact "laws contrary to human nature".
The murder of a defenseless human being is called voluntary termination of pregnancy and euthanasia is called "death with dignity"
"Every child murdered with an abortion is an index of great poverty, because all human life is important and has a special character for God ".
procured abortion is death, is the murder of an innocent creature
With the legal practice of abortion, humanity would suffer another great failure of law and justice.
The right to life is not a question of ideology; it is not just a religious right; it is a right of the man. The most fundamental right of man! God says: "You will not kill!" (Ex 20, 13). This commandment is, to the once, a fundamental principle and a norm of the moral code, inscribed in the conscience of every man.
To the woman "God confides in a special way man, that is, the human being"; by virtue of its vocation to love, "a woman can not find herself if she is not giving love to others"
In a society so often marked by signs of death and lack of love such as violence, abortion, euthanasia, marginalization of the poor and not useful, the woman is called to keep alive the flame of the life, respect for the mystery of all new life.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Life is the greatest gift of God. This is why it is sad to see what is happening today in so many parts of the world: life is deliberately destroyed by war, by violence, by abortion. And we have been created by God for bigger things: love and be loved. I have often stated, and I am sure of it, that the greatest destroyer of peace in today's world is abortion. If a mother can kill her own child, what can stop us from you? to kill us reciprocally? The only one who has the right to take life is the One who created it. Nobody else has that right; neither the mother, nor the father, nor the doctor, nor an agency, nor a conference, nor a government. (...) Me it terrifies the thought of all those who kill their own conscience, in order to commit the abortion. After the death we will find ourselves face to face with God, Giver of life. Who will take responsibility before God for the millions and millions of children who were not given the chance to live, to love and to be loved? (...) A child is the greatest gift for the family, and for the nation. Let us never reject this gift of God. This long quote is from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I'm glad that Mother Teresa was able to speak at Kalisz.

Mary, Mother of men, welcomes our request that echoes the anguished cry of the victims of abortion, of hatred, war and many other attempts against life. Be support for the weak and comfort for the who suffers unjustly Touch the heart of those who reject the light of truth and, killing, mortify their own humanity.

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